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About Us

Nicola Morrissey.

Nero Drinks Company Ltd., a brainchild of the current CEO Nicola Morrissey, is a 100% private owned family company aiming to become the largest private owned vodka brand in the UK.

Nicola has invested significant time in researching the market for our product. She has also handpicked several partners to complement her work and ensure that all potential gaps in her knowledge are adequately filled by a trusted, suitably experienced party.

The distiller.

All processes at our award-winning distillery are overseen by an exceptionally skilled distiller with five generations of experience in making potato vodka.

Our beloved friends.

We are fortunate to count several famous celebrities amongst our friends and acquaintances. Our product will be launched across our range of social media platforms with endorsements and support from our celebrity friends.

Last but not least, John Morrissey, Nicola’s husband, fulfills the role of Brand Ambassador by providing credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility.

Nicola Morrissey, our CEO

A dedicated worker.

Over the course of 15+ years working in the Hospitality industry, Nicola started as a bar owner and worked her way up to become the CEO of Nero Drinks Ltd

A true professional.

Having rich hands-on experience in the Food and Beverage industry, Nicola possesses exceptional organizational skills, works well under pressure and motivates others in a constructive manner.

A loving mother.

Sometimes it is time to push yourself, while sometimes it is time to pull back. Between 2012 and 2017, Nicola decided to step back and provide a caring and happy upbringing for her children.


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