About – Nero Vodka

Key Characteristics


Being made from potatoes instead of grains, the distinctive character resembles hints of vanilla with fragrant tones of citrus and almost no alcohol on the nose.

The extra levels of sweetness from the potato starch in Nero’s scent set it apart from the heavy ethanol burden commonly present in grain vodkas.


Moving onto the taste, the Nero Premium Vodka feels creamy on the palate with a very soft and clean flavour profile. On the tongue, it is smooth, almost velvety, as there is little to no burn after drinking.

The tones are the most prominent when the Nero Premium Vodka is served without ice, water or mixers.

For the purest tasting experience, the vodka should be chilled and form tears around the top of the glass.


On the ingredients list, one finds only 100% British potatoes with no added sweeteners or additives.

The Nero Premium Vodka is sugar and gluten free which makes it suitable for people who react to glutinous grains in the majority of vodkas on the market. One of the benefits of a potato vodka like Nero Premium, is the fewer amount of calories consumed when combined with the right mixer. This makes a great option for those on a low-carb diet or a workout routine.


Being an easy-to-drink vodka, the Nero Premium Vodka can be drunk alone or mixed. The neutral taste profile pairs well with any flavour, from sweet to savoury and dry to spicy. Nero’s long-lasting aromas of wild garden flowers, some hint of citrus, great minerality and creaminess with a rich finish make it an easily mixable vodka. However, it is recommended to be sipped alone.

Crafted to

Every vodka has its own characteristics, which is largely attributed to the raw materials used to make the spirit and the process used while distilling the spirit. The production process involves peeling, heating and mashing the potatoes before adding yeast for fermentation. The potatoes are then transferred to a custom-made copper pot still, the steam is then used to raise the temperature and help with distillation. Vapours then rise up through the rectification column, resulting in a vodka that has effectively been distilled 6 times.

Our unique vodka recipe goes hand in hand with the Nero Vodka bottle design and POS materials. We work with the best European 2D and 3D artists, designers and illustrators to combine an exceptional product with strong art direction and branding. All our branded materials are trademarked intellectual properties of the Nero Vodka brand.